The Paradox Process is a mindfulness tool used to identify, communicate and change negative feelings and perceptions. 

Our mission is to teach this tool to those who have the courage to confront themselves, in order to engage with the world and create the life they are capable of creating.

The Paradox Process is a groundbreaking technique that identifies and eliminates negative feelings and perceptions through the use of simple language.

Thomas Jones, Rodger Bell, and a company of colleagues discovered and developed the Paradox Process thirty years ago. They were dedicated to the work of changing and overcoming emotional issues. Both Bell and Jones had been directors of therapeutic communities prior to their collaboration. Within those communities they taught many different modalities, but found something lacking. They created a meditative process of their own and out of that meditation came the Paradox Process.

The Paradox Process brings the conscious mind to present by eliminating negative emotions from the past, and clearing anxieties and worries about the future. This results in an emotional shift that uncovers insight, thus allowing the individual to reveal the best version of him or herself.

Unlike traditional psychotherapy, the Paradox Process focuses on what is going on in the moment not on dissecting one’s past.  By focusing on the present, we heal the past. It isn’t about “fixing” oneself; it’s about realizing who you are in the world and continuing to build upon it.

The Paradox Process is powerful and useful, yet simple and eloquent. Jones and Bell copyrighted the Process and began to teach it as a modality of its own. It is user-friendly for adults and children alike.