A Sample Retreat Day in Hawaii

"Getting What You Want" is a 7-day retreat intensive. This year is Hawaii July 22-28, 2016

Below is a sample of the daily itinerary:

6:45am - Group sunrise meditation and visualization. 

7:00am - Light breakfast and get ready for the day's excursion. Breakfast is self-serve: light fare of cereal, fruit, toast, juice and coffee.

9:00am - The group will leave the villa and travel to a beach or similar outdoor destination (weather permitting). Once on location, Thomas will lead the day's first group session, designed to set a strong intention for each individual, identify any obstacles standing in the way, and/or use Paradox Process tools to clear and eliminate the feelings and perceptions standing in the way of moving forward. The time at this locale will include some breaks to swim, snacks and relaxation.

1:00pm - Lunch will be served back at the villa and prepared by a local chef. 

2:00pm - 5:00pm - This period of the day is less structured to give everyone the opportunity to complete a variety of exercises and tasks that have been assigned to each person. This time will also give people a chance to meet with their accountability partner and power teams, both which are chosen by each participant at the beginning of the retreat. 

5:00pm - Preparation and clean up for dinner: a team building exercise each night and will be headed up by different members of the group.

8:30pm - After dinner, Thomas leads the day's second formal group. This is a continuation of the work that was done throughout the day. He will check in with individuals and look at the progress being made by each power team.  

10:00pm - Approximate end-of-day 

*excursions may include: (depending on group size and weather) paddle-boarding, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, swimming, sunbathing, surfing, shopping, and boating.

Click here to see the itinerary and learn more about our trip.