Word Of The Year

A new year deserves a new approach! Instead of doing the typical making a New Year's Resolution, which is a formula for failure, why not try using a word or a phrase as a guiding principle of the year. I try to pick a word that is actionable in the moment, rather than one that is too conceptual; for instance, "awareness". This is a word that by merely saying it you must change in some way. You could declare that "I am going to lose twenty pounds by March 1st" or you could use the word "awareness" every time you lift a fork. I find that there is much more power in using these guiding principles than in making a hollow resolution, that defies you to fail. Use this word as a password; keep it present for you. Meditate on it. Look it up in the dictionary and really invest in it. The more you work in it the more it will reveal itself.

Good examples of the Word for the Year: courage, yes, forgive, win, ease, love, power. Pick your toughest issue and see what word speaks to you.