Private Sessions

In private sessions, you will have a one-on-one with a Paradox Process facilitator. These sessions can be highly productive and empowering. We do not dwell on or analyze the past. The goal is to immediately address the core issues and start to clear unneeded negativity allowing individuals to move forward.

A first session begins as a conversation. You will talk about who you are and explain the issue you would like to work on. You will immediately begin working the process with the facilitator. Emotions, feelings and anxieties will be peeled away, allowing peace and clarity to set in.

Note: It is recommended to record your sessions, so that you can review and think on the material afterward.

Introduction Sessions

Try a discounted introductory session of The Paradox Process with one of our skilled facilitators! In just 30 minutes, we will show you how the process can start working for you to create the life you want. (Note: Discount introductory rate is not offered by all facilitators.)