Building New Spaces In Your Head


This mind is a trainable instrument and you're training it every minute of the day by the choices you make. The Question is, what are you training it to do?  Are you training it to avoid pain? To seek pleasure? To resolve old issues? Your mind creates every experience you have, so wouldn't it be useful to direct it to create the experiences you want? If you don't take conscious control, your mind will default to all of your negative beliefs and perceptions and create a lousy experience for you. You will always be fighting an uphill battle, always believing the terrible perceptions that your mind is creating. And it's not enough to clear out the old stuff, we have to retrain the mind to support us and our dreams and think the way we choose. We have the power to change it immediately.

Right now your mind is creating your experience of time. It is telling you that you don't have enough of it to do what you need to do. Can that really be possible. We create our experience of time and if we are rushed we are creating that too. Einstein had a great example of how we manipulate our experience of time: when you are with someone you love, an hour seems like a minute; when you're sitting on a hot stove a minute seems like an hour.Learn how to use your mind to create the experiences you want. First step: acknowledge that your mind is creating all of your experiences, even the ones you don't want.

Thomas Jones