You need three elements to create what you want in life: Intention, Burning Desire and Personal Power. 

An intention is more than a goal, it is a trajectory that provides direction and suggests action. It is a promise and a commitment, a "stand" that you will get this done. This stand gives you accountability, which is key to maintaining your resolve. *Create an intention that matches the experience you want to have.

The second element, burning desire, organizes our will to create in relation to the amount of burning desire we have to create it. You need to be excited about your creation: talk about it, write about it, think about it, and dream about it. Let it build inside of you.

Finally, we can have all of the intention and burning desire in the world, but without enough Personal Power the elevator won't reach the top floor. You simply won't have the drive to create what you want. What does "enough" personal power look like? Your intention must be aligned in a way that you are not at cross-purposes with yourself.

This is where Cross-Intentions come in. Let's say that I intend to create wealth and abundance in my life. No problem there, however, I have been taught from the time I was a child that "money is the root of all evil". Since I want to avoid evil, I will avoid accumulating wealth. This is a cross-intention, that, until I work through it, will block me from creating what I want. I might blame life, or circumstances or my lack of skill and ability, but it is my cross-intentions that cancel out every effort to get what I want.

These sub-conscious cross-intentions must be brought to the conscious mind and deliberately resolved. The Paradox Process is an excellent way to do so and for me, the easiest, but if you are determined and practice self-examination you will succeed in resolving these conflicts.

Thomas Jones