Spring Forward


Spring has always had the power of renewal and upheaval. One hundred years ago today, Russian composer Igor Stravinsky captured that power and debuted The Rite of Spring before a theater in Paris, with a ballet performance that would go down as one of the most violent in modern history. Imagine, violence at the ballet!

All that aside, what is the real opportunity of spring? Nature gives us pretty clear signals that it is a time of growth. Everything dormant starts to bloom, and we, as part of nature are no exception. Each season has its unique energy and appropriate choices, but the most constructive by far is this Springtime. It’s a wonderful energy to capture. We feel the quickening of energy and a real sense of motivation, but where to direct all of that energy?

Let’s start with a little “spring cleaning” for the mind. Now might be the time to cast aside useless plans and ideas, declutter and begin anew. Start by taking an inventory of what’s working and what’s not, and happily chuck the broken stuff out a window. It feels wonderful to get rid of the old and the useless and to make a new plan, start a new dream, or create a new partnership. The Yang energy of Spring will boost your energy. Winter is the season of dreaming and planning, and Spring is the time to use nature’s momentum and take action.

Take that something that you’ve been dreaming about and jump into action! There is never a better time than now!

Thomas Jones