Your Diminishing Algorithm*


The Facebook algorithm chooses what you are going to see and experience and blocks all other information based on what it knows about you. The view that you get is particular and selective, a virtual reality designed specifically for you. In a similar way your "personal story" is such an algorithm. It is a story that you are living into that you are unaware of, making choices and creating the experience that you find yourself in. It is a story of loss or sadness, a story of unfairness. That story is making choices for you that constantly put you at a disadvantage. It appears as though life is doing this to you, but it is your algorithm creating a virtual reality on a level that you cannot see. You have integrated this story in a way that is seamless.

Some examples of the story you may be living into: "I'll always be shamed", " I am a constant disappointment" , "Everyone makes fun of me", "people will always leave", " I'm not smart and that will be seen", "I'm not lovable".

These stories were formed from childhood through trauma, as you made all of the "adjustments" that you needed to make in your family in order to survive, and in order to get whatever love there was to get. They are the interpretations of a child. This algorithm was formed slowly, through trial and error, until it was perfected. It has become your model of behavior, your method of operation. This algorithm makes a thousand choices and micro-choices every day. It alters your perceptions and skews reality. You only see what this story wants you to see.

Ask yourself "what is my story? What do I profoundly believe that is making my choices and creating my perceptions? It is the key to you and possibly the answer to your happiness.

*An algorithm is a procedure or formula for solving a problem, or achieving an outcome based on conducting a sequence of specified actions.

Thomas Jones