Detachment is the state of being free of any emotional need in a situation while still maintaining the desire for that same outcome. In effect, detachment is wanting, not needing. This balance can create all of the magic that we desire in life.   The desire for an outcome is based on the expectation that whatever that outcome is, it will make me happy. Money, a new lover, that great job, each comes with a set of beliefs that the experience will make a positive difference in our lives. We have fantasies about everything we want and we do get attached to those fantasies, however, nothing outside of us has the ability to make us internally happy. Oh, it can excite us or agitate us, but nothing external can change the internal landscape.  When we know this, it is harder to be fooled by the shiny objects we see. They are still pretty and even fun, but ultimately they can't really fulfill us any more than putting on a new hat can change your mind.

Thomas Jones