Giving is a way of gaining great personal power. There are three different kinds:

1. Ordinary Giving: I give you what I like...I like a book I'm reading, so I give you that book. You are certainly creating a presence in someone's life, but your power is limited.

2. Informed Giving: I give you something that you want...You like sunglasses so I give you a pair of sunglasses. It will be perceived as you caring more, and in fact, you are.

3. Kingly Giving: I give you something that you need, no more, no less...You need to get into this audition; I know someone who can get you in and I make that happen. It is by far the most powerful form of giving, and in fact, the experience that people have when receiving this giving is that of being loved.

Giving is an expression of your power. It is also a pathway to make a friend or bring someone closer to you. Give on every level and you'll succeed.

Thomas Jones