How To Create Reality


If you ask most people how to create the reality they want, they will just look at you blankly. It doesn't occur to them that they have any say in it whatsoever. They might imagine that they could wish for it or hope for it, but there is no internal conversation about systematically calling forth the circumstances and experience that they want. That concept is somehow bullshit or magic...And so they never try...

What we know from working with The Paradox Process for years is that, of course you can create your reality or change the one that you are in. Reality is constructed from the inside out and made of movable and changeable parts.

To change or create reality you must change your beliefs. "I know this can happen!" You need to manage your feelings and emotions: clear your fears and attachments; eliminate your expectations. You need to change the story you are in to a story that accommodates that new reality. You need to create a new intention and build burning desire for that intention. You need to invest in it, get excited about it and generally feed it with the energy that grows a reality. You need to accrue the personal power to manifest those intentions. It needs to align with your purpose and be a win-win scenario. Do all of this and you will start to make new choices and take new actions in the world that will create this fledgling reality. As it begins to emerge you need to work on feeling worthy and deserving of it, and even clear your reactions to accommodating this new set of circumstances.

So you see, it isn't magic or voodoo to call forth the reality that you want. It is practical and organized work, using the power of your mind and the energy that you use to interact, while deliberately and consciously shaping it until it becomes what you want...Get to work!

Thomas Jones