Relationship Questions To Dig Deeper


Instead of just asking a potential partner topical questions like "What do you do for a living?" and "Where are you from?", it would be beneficial to learn as much as possible before choosing to enter into relationship. Here are some provocative and revealing questions that will tell you what you need to know in order to make a more informed decision:

1.  What do you expect from me in this relationship?

2.  What can I expect from you?

3.  What do you value most about me?

4.  What do you expect me to change in myself eventually?

5.  What are your spiritual beliefs? Do you believe in God? In heaven?

6.  How do you practice these beliefs?

7.  What is your attitude toward race? Toward religions?

8.  Do you have a workout regimen? Do you expect to stay fit?

9.  How important is physical fitness to you in yourself? In others?

10. Are you very emotional? Explain.

The above is a sample of a bigger list of questions in my book, Love Games: The Hidden Rule of Relationship. Exploring your partner in this way will give you the opportunity to connect on a deeper level, and avoid time wasted with a person who you eventually discover is not a match.

Thomas Jones