The Human Condition


There is a conversation each of us are born into that has little or nothing to do with us. Accompanying that conversation is a specific set of feelings. We find ourselves in the midst of these feelings, validating them, justifying and personalizing them just because they are there. It is almost impossible not to take those feelings personally unless we are wise or have been told about them. I am going to tell you.

The feeling-conversations we are born into:

  1. Feeling not good enough
  2. Feeling unlovable
  3. Feeling misunderstood
  4. Feeling like a fake/fraud/phony
  5. Feeling isolated/ feeling like you don't belong
  6. Fearing death

These 6 core feelings are part of The Human Condition or, as we like to call it, The Feeling Backpack!  We see and experienced life through the filters of each one of them. When we look for proof and evidence of the "truth" of these feelings, we have and will always find it. When we understand that every bad feeling we have about ourselves originates with this "Human Condition" we begin to be objective and start to take our freedom back from them. 

Thomas Jones