Thomas' Perspective of His Retreats


It is 40 minutes before the pre-dawn meditation I am about to lead. I was up late the night before, going over each participant and what their ultimate goals and dreams are. Each member of this group is a puzzle to be solved: I have to find out what they want and determine what is standing in the way of getting it, internally and externally. If they could get where they want to go on their own, they would be there already. I am humbled by their willingness to trust. My job is to help clarify their goals and intentions. Every step of the way I observe each participant to see where each needs support and belief. In the beginning I wonder how it is possible to do all of this, but somewhere early on inspiration lifts me and gives me incredible insight. Things start to crystalize and change and everyone feels it, even as the challenges present themselves.

Two groups a day, three meals a day, through trips and excursions, swimming and hiking and playing, they and I are committed to real growth and change. We form teams and use all of our resources to create a tremendous momentum that is infectious. Through this intensity I see people start to transform from tentative to confident. Suddenly they start to see the lives they want and dream of can be theirs. 

Thomas Jones