Your Manifestors


No doubt you are creating the reality you are in, but how? How do we create this situation? Here are your manifestors: Beliefs, Feelings, interpretations, perceptions, choices, and actions. That's all you have to change, Simple, yes. Easy, not so much...
Let me break it down:
Beliefs: What do you believe about what you are trying to create and how it should be? How is the situation you're in going against those beliefs?

Feelings: What feelings represent for you in the situation? Are you managing them?

Interpretations: How are you interpreting those feelings? What meaning are you assigning to them?

Perceptions: What does it look like to you through these beliefs and feelings and interpretations? What are you seeing and telling yourself? What is the story you are creating?

Choices: You are choosing constantly from these feelings and perceptions: Do you know what you're choosing?

Actions: Through the actions you take you have results that you create. When you change your actions, you change your reality. Start by changing one belief, one premise that you are operating under, and you change what you are creating in the world.

Thomas Jones