We Forgot to Dream

I was a child of maybe four or five, and I'd seen a cartoon with a radio in it, and I decided that I was going to build one of my own. I was very excited. It didn't bother me a bit that I had no idea how a radio worked or what was in it. My passion was at a fever pitch. I located a shoebox and  found a bunch of tubes to put in the radio. I stuck an old saucepan through the box as the speaker and I waited with baited breath to hear the magic of sound come out of my radio. I was on fire!

When we're kids there is no stopping us from dreaming, from imagining what can be and what is possible. We dream of being movie stars and firemen an ballerinas. We focus with a rapturous intensity and a certainty of getting what we want and we are inspired in everything we do as long as we can touch that dream. 
Sooner or later we "wise up", as my father would say. We start to get practical and scale back our dreams and our enthusiasm to fit into a reasonable world. We start to believe limitations and even impose some on ourselves. We begin to "mature", and life begins to suck.
No kid ever aspired to climb all the way to middle management or to be the chief janitor of the local high school, but any "practical" dad will tell you, "that's a good paying job and you're lucky to get it! It even has benefits!"  Yeah, the benefits are glaring: your spirit is diminished, your prospects are grey and your joy slowly but surely becomes non-existent. Benefits....
I say, Fuck all that noise! Let's get back to the impractical and irrational dreaming that fuels our joys and our fantasies! We need to come alive again, to be in the game again...The worst thing we've ever been taught is to be "reasonable" and "practical". Nothing kills the soul more than "You can't do that! That's not real! Get your head out of the clouds!" I say just the opposite: Get yourself back into your dreams and start imagining a better life than the one that you are in.
Here's the beginning of a remedy: Take a moment to think about what really stirs your passion. What gets you excited?
-Make a list of ten things you love and enjoy. -List three things that you are passionate about.-Write three small achievable steps to one of these things.-Take on step every day.
Resurrect a dream and let yourself feel inspired. Get back on the trail of your vision and watch how you come alive again. Dare to be impractical and embrace a dream. Put the color back in your life. We owe it to ourselves, our true selves, to get back to the aliveness and joy of the child within.

Thomas Jones