Past Retreats

"Getting What You Want" will break through to the best version of you: the powerful and capable you. This is a no-holds-barred intensive designed to blast through your issues and transform them, whether you intend to heal pain or achieve that dream that seems way beyond reach. Participants will spend their days working with a group of committed and supportive people determined to create miracles.  We will use The Paradox Process, Visualization, and Meditation to crush all obstacles and Get What You Want in life.

Thomas’ goal is to structure this retreat so each day participants are moving forward. The daily schedule is filled with a combination of formal group work, partner work, team building exercises, and physical activities.

Getting What you Want- Tulum, Mexico, August 2019

Getting What You Want -Kauai, Hawaii, July 2016

The Paradox Process retreat was life changing! I was going through some major life changes - the ending of an 11 year relationship and looking for a new home, and new job- and this trip gave me peace, clarity, tools for moving forward and an amazing community of new friends to support me. Ive been on lots of retreats and tried many kinds of therapy but nothing has helped me overcome difficult times and painful emotions as well and as quickly as The Paradox Process. This is an amazing, healing process that the whole world needs.
— EG
Hawaii was focused, difficult, heart wrenching and fun. There was a sense of union at this retreat that I have yet to see in a similar setting. I came with personal judgement and anxiety. I left with hope about the future. As participants we all worked together to make sure that the experience was a success and we continue to support each other. For what I think will be many months to come. I feel gratitude for having been part of this experience.
— Annonymonus

Getting What You Want Retreat Intensive -Ibiza Spain September 2015

Thomas M. Jones our lead in all this, left no stone unturned on this adventure. Throughly supported me (and everyone else) in facing the very behaviors I wanted to get rid of, Thomas genuinely guided us to push out the old and step into the new.
— AR
The care that Thomas had for me and others on this retreat was remarkable. He taught with love, empathy and logical reasoning, and brilliantly put it all together in one consistent experience.
— Karin
Thomas masterfully created an elegant plan that he and his team executed flawlessly. I was honored to have such talented people invested in my well being. They inspired me to invest in myself and I feel immense gratitude for them.  
— KR
I left Ibiza, however, with feelings of great joy, clarity, and confidence. Feeling a source of energy that I hadn’t felt in a really long time, if ever.  Thomas - whose powerful insight, heartfelt guidance, and illuminating (incomprehensible) intelligence-  is nothing short of mind blowing.
— Erika
Extraordinary and exactly what I needed at different stages of my life. There are times when we need a little help in order to move to the next stage in our journey. Thomas and his team have a seemingly infinite wisdom to meet me wherever I am in my growth and fight with me and for me to step into the next chapter of my life with the audacity and humility necessary to succeed.
— Ted Wallach
Thomas is a master at knowing the best and most supportive way to help you move forward. Breaking through my own self-imposed barriers, getting a clear picture of what I truly wanted (and seeing that it was possible), and getting the tools to move forward made this an incredibly valuable week. Thank you so much Thomas, for a truly life-changing week! 
— Stacey


Emei Mountian is one of the Four Scared Buddhist Mountains of China, traditionally regarded as a place of enlightenment. The trek began at the foot of the mountain leading us 10,000 ft to the Golden Summit. Each participant with a personal intention to change climbed step by step up the mountain to each of the Zen Buddhist Monasteries along the way.


Horse trekking through the spiritually charged mountains of Eastern Tibet, at 11,000 feet was a series of incredible challenges that empowered us to create change. We emerged ourselves into the Tibetan culture and camped out under the stars while learning The Paradox Process, uncovering truths and fighting for clarity to transform our intentions.