The Integrated Self: Live a Bigger Life!


February 12, 2017

The Integrated Self is a combination of the sensitivity and empathy of the Fragile Self combined with the power, passion and drive of the Authentic Self, with the discernment to know which to apply when. We must wade through the trials of the fragile and the impulsiveness of the authentic to get to this Integrated Self, but it is well worth it. It is truly the best version of ourselves, a combination of all of our strengths and colors applied with great skill. This “self” will create and sustain the bigger life you have always been yearning for.

The goal of this interactive workshop is to guide participants through the journey from crisis through transformation. It is critical that we understand this process to move through the three versions of self without getting stuck or trapped in a lesser self. Using the tools of The Paradox Process, Thomas will expertly facilitate a dynamic and transformative experience in order to bring you from small to big, from unentitled to demanding that life give you what you want: the Integrated Self, the most effective version of you.


Thomas Jones