Perfectly Imperfect: The Story of Us!


A New Workshop By Thomas M. Jones.

What flag do you fly? How are you flawed? Discover your story and how to use it to your advantage! This one day workshop is designed to help you find and use the imperfect genius inside of you in order to get you want you want in life. Participants will discover their Authentic Story. Once connected to the Story of You, you will find tremendous motivation and strength born out of your struggles and imperfections. The lies you believe about yourself will be dispelled and you’ll be able to move forward with tremendous contentment and a feeling of true purpose and joy.

May 11, 2019: 11am- 4pm

Cost $199: Sign up before April 1 get 10% off! $179

Not in NYC? Join us via Webcam

Webcam Cost $99: Sign up before April 1 get 10% off! $79

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Mondays (except Holidays)


Paradox Process Group is a is an incredible opportunity to work on yourself and your dreams in a powerful and supportive environment. Thomas will choose a topic to expand on, such as How to Build Conviction or Holding Space for Ourselves, and the participants will build his/her dream with new understanding and new Paradox Process techniques to practice at home.

All are welcome! Contact Us for Details!

Enter at 307 West 36, 12th Floor

Use elevators 1 or 2 only at the end of the lobby!

Creating What You Want From the Inside-Out

Exact Summer Dates and Destination TBD

7 Day Retreat Intensive

When you master how to Hold Space for yourself and your world, you will get the life you want. It is that simple! It does, however, require courage to look inside, and conscious effort to build that new relationship within. Thomas will provide the guidance, insight and humor necessary to make this transition powerfully and effectively. If you’ve got the will, we’ve got the tools!