The Paradox Process

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When I’m anxious or stressed, I am able to recognize my emotional charge and process those feelings. I’m a big believer in Paradox Process! I changed my life with this.
— GC- San Fransisco

Paradox Process: The Missing Piece of Emotional Health

The Paradox Process is a mindfulness tool used to identify, communicate and change negative feelings and perceptions. Our mission is to teach this tool to those who have the courage to confront themselves, in order to engage with the world and create the life they are capable of creating.


Co-Creator of The Paradox Process

Thomas M. Jones is a psychotherapist, author, musician, and founder of an innovative technique, The Paradox Process, which employs negative thoughts in order to produce a perception polarization... essentially how to change your life by learning to direct your mind. In the world of medicine his approach would be described as renegade, however the proof is inarguable.

Jones has been highly successful in his work for the last 40 years with a clientele that includes CEO’s, television journalists, Oscar, Emmy, and Tony Award winning performers, doctors, musicians, artists, health coaches, social workers, psychologists and business professionals across the globe. Jones has shown them how to strategize for success in every area of their lives from manifesting the career of their dreams, to achieving intimate, loving, lasting relationships.

Jones currently lectures, teaches workshops and retreats, and practices privately in New York City, where he resides with his family.


Thomas is so charismatic as he explains and guides us into the knowledge of the relationship workshop. My life has already started to change in the direction I actually want it to go. I feel so much more powerful and confident.
— Participant from Creating the Relationship You Want!


Our Non-Profit Company Healing and Discovery Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its mission is to inspire, grow, and empower youth to triumph over adversity with techniques that are sustainable and useable throughout their lives.

Because we believe that a person’s pursuit of their goals should not be inhibited by misunderstood or mismanaged feelings, Healing and Discovery Foundation envisions a world where every individual has access to emotional education. Our goals are to equip young people with 1) an understanding of their feelings, 2) practical methods to manage their feelings through our mindfulness curriculum, and 3) to change the conversation about emotional education so that mastering your feelings is considered as commonplace and critical as mastering reading, writing and math.

This Paradox Process workshop was incredible! I feel clear, focused, and excited to run towards my dreams. Thank you!
— M. B., New York